Why Rocky III should be in your DVD collection!


The reason I created this blog and the reason why I like to work with taller and bigger athletes is because of the transformation from one type of athlete/player to another type of athlete/ player that is possible.

I like to relate many of today’s young ‘Big Men’ to Rocky Balboa in Rocky III. If you can recall from this 80’s classic, Rocky was literally a slow-rolling rock that could take a beating but would never quit and eventually overpower his opponent with brute strength and determination. With the guidance of his old nemesis and new trainer, Apollo Creed, Rocky transforms himself into a completely different type of fighter during the movie. He goes from a methodical, clumsy bruiser to a lightning fast, agile fighter with amazing footwork. (Just check out those moves in the training ring with Apollo here! Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Rocky and Apollo Training)).

I see many of my ‘Basketball Big Men’ the same way. The bigger, slower, more immobile post player cannot cement himself down on the low block and use overpowering size and strength to dominate games anymore. Pounding the ball relentlessly inside to a dominant ‘rock’, for better or for worse, has become extinct. Today’s game has evolved into a ‘speed and quickness’ game that runs circles around a stationary post player. More and more we are seeing how amazing athletes are dominating basketball with their speed, quickness and explosiveness. The game is so fast now, that this slow, stationary post player simple gets in the way.

The post player of today possesses many of the athletic qualities and traits of guards and forwards. They have become HYBRID POST PLAYERS; players with size and strength that can run the court like a deer, shoot threes, and defend on the perimeter. Therefore, if taller, bigger players want to survive and succeed in the modern game, they MUST transform themselves into agile, mobile, and versatile Big Men.

How do you do this??

With ‘Athletic Big Man’ training techniques that show you how to develop into this new hybrid big man! If you are interesting in learning how to develop yourself into the new generation Hybrid Big Man, then go check out….

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